today I feel lop-sided

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For a number of reasons.

1) Drinking too much last night for Chris’s birthday.

2) A killer ulcer in my mouth (mainly due to working too much n missing sleep)

3) Friends.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

Why are friends making me feel lop-sided you ask???

Well, thank to the marvel of the inter-super-web-way most of my friends know what I’m up to by reading here (like you are, right now).

So, when I make a few phone calls to catch up with old friends, or people I haven’t spoken to in a while the conversations (today anyway) all went a bit like this:


hello it’s Luke

“hi luke, how are you!?”

I’m well thanks, been working quite hard…

“yeah so I read”

Ah, um ok, how are you? What’ve you been up to?

“hergen bergen schmergen”

oh really? Cool, I did {hergen bergen schmergen} a couple of weeks ago.

“yeah I know, I saw it on your blog”

ah ok, um… how’s XYZ?

“great thanks… hergen bergen schmergen etc… so I saw you {played at tribal/got a job/ate a cookie} the other day, how was it?”



It’s freakin me out!!! There are people I’ve not spoken too for ages (6 months in one case) who feel like they’re still in touch because they’ve read this blog… but I feel rude, becuase I haven’t got a frikin’ clue what they’ve been up to!

So please, leave comments… give me a ring… drop by and say hello… or get your own blog!

…back to fixing the hangover now, time for food me thinks…

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