Do I have a rubber fetish??

Posted by on August 3, 2006 in general thoughts | 0 comments

Hmmm that sounds dodgy… probably best I explain…

See my rubber “interest” started quite innocently and has kind of erm, grown I guess.

It all started with a postman… (this isn’t going well is it?) well, a crap postman to be precise he used to mangle up all our mail by folding it (contorting really) into odd shapes covered with elastic bands and wedging it through the door.

I had a habit of un-tangling it, slipping the rubber band(s) round my wrist, sorting out the mail and heading into my flat… having gained a nice shiny new rubber band (or two).

Slowly these bands amassed into a ball… and now its like a fetish, if I see those royal mail issue red elesatic bands, I have to have ’em for my collection… so the ball can get bigger and soon… one day… maybe… take over the world! A mwah ha ha haaaa!

Having said that, quote of the week last week goes to… lets say an un-named person… having just bounced the ball, made of rubber bands…

“it’s kind of like a rubber ball, isn’t it?”

Yes it is, kinda… 😀

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