the big three oh

Posted by on July 26, 2006 in general thoughts | 1 comment

It’s starting to sink in, I’m probably an adult.

Well… almost… yep this years birthday is the big n scary three zero.

I set myself some goals, years ago that I said I’d of done by now… most of them I have actually managed to do… from the bizarre (taking part in an expedition to Loch Ness), through the musical (having my own radio show) to the downright studious (getting a degree) and the incredibly mundane (owning a house)…

some of them, I’ve half done… like learning spanish, well I have learnt some… having my own company… well sort of, Positive Link is poised for a proper launch… polysonic ticks over a decent little sum of web design n music related stuff…

but mostly, I find myself today reflecting on those I haven’t done:

Publish a book – I will do this one day, I’ve started 2 good ones… it’s just a case of making time to finish them.
The Inca trail.. I reckon I’ll do this next year, if funds/time permits!
Own a flat abroad… bugger. Not yet.
Buy a Lotus Elise… this one, I’m not sure I want anymore.. there was a time I did and I do still think it’s a gorgeous car.

as for birthday plans… I should be able to reveal all very soon, if it comes off it will start around 5pm and be a joint bash with one of my closest friends Mr Chris Bailey, who’s also 30 next month.

On a lighter note… I got asked to leave the Moon in the Square yesterday for having no ID! 😀

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  1. Haha, reminds me of last summer when we were in Asda Luke! No ID pfft! 😉

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