Luke’s D Day

Posted by on July 24, 2006 in general thoughts | 0 comments

Tomorrow is D Day (it was going to be today, but I have a big meeting at my new job at 9am so my hours aren’t as planned)

I’m getting up at 8, going for a run/walk/ride then sitting down and working out how to make the most of my time till I start work at 12. As most of you know I’m doing too many things, so some have to go.

Maybe I could have a sale? Sell some of them off… um, shut up Luke.

Anyway… I’ve survived a VERY odd weekend.. more on that later…

lets just say it involves:
Listening to an Evangelical Australian Sermon
Drinking Sambuca and Tequila Rose
Driving to Leatherhead and back
The Beach
Slight sunburn
A Birthday
A schoal of humans

Toodle pip!

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