Big Brother Conspiracy Theories

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Big Brother Conspiracy Theories

True or false?


I was chatting to someone in the pub last night (albeit after a few pints) who is the most interesting, but slightly paranoid, conspiracy theorist I’ve ever met.

He believes, amongst many other theories, that an immense amount of technology is being supressed… that the things we use today, were first developed lots of years ago – whilst this is obviously true that things are developed and then tested, taking years before a commercial product is viable… he was talking about 100’s of years… apparently they had water powered robots in ancient greece??

Anyway, with this caveat… he did have one interesting theory that stuck in my mind:

big brotherBig Brother, this year is a mind control experiment.

If you watch the opening credits closely, it does flash up subliminal messages… I’d already noticed this and thought it odd… more interesting is that he believes they are experimenting to see if they can fix the outcome.

I paid some attention to this theory at the time, as I had noticed the messages and I know subliminal messages are effective (the original psycho was banned because it contained subliminal messages with words like FEAR flashing up in certain scenes) – more interesting now, is that he believed that as all housemates were up for eviction they’d use this subliminal experiment to vote out someone you wouldn’t expect… like Nikki.

Interesting that he said this about 6pm on friday and sure enough Nikki did get voted out… which I think is suprising considering how amusing she is to watch…. hmmmm….

Is big brother one big experiment on the viewing public???

How could we prove it? Well… actually I have the technology to record the start sequence and slow it down to see what the words say… but can I be bothered?

:: UPDATE ::

Big Brother Opening Sequence explained

Does this close the mystery?

Yeah i reckon so, I aint completely paranoid… or am I???


  1. What are the words though i find its addictive!!! please tell me

  2. I know that there must be subliminal messages in the credits but also inside of the house, IN this years house they have the same pattern everywere, on the walls, pillows and floor, this pattern must carry a subliminal message in it. This subliminal message would encourge the housemates to fight and bitch, what do you think?

  3. Hmm… not sure on that one, I think the set has been designed to cause conflict, with it’s inside out kinda mess with your head layout.

  4. I notice the last comments were left in 2006 and therefore am un certain that this comment will even be recived.
    But im leaving a comment with regaqrds bb9!!!

    You may be aware that ex house mate mario recently proposed to his long time girlfreind lisa, who remamains in the house.

    later that even she was discussing the engement with big brother and she said

    “Im glad to have a finance”

    she then laughed and corrected herself

    “haha i mean a fiance!”

    A forty year old woman is extreamly unlikly to confused to word finance with fiance, unless visually.

    which possers the question?

    auto quey set up?

    the only possile explination.

    you tell me?

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