heads up!

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heads up!

First heads up…

Tribal Sessions with ERIC MORILLO + 2manygenres (me) – Aug 5th @ Opera House, Bournemouth… I’ll have a limited number of cheap tickets… email/comment/txt/pigeon me if you want one.

arse… I was going to add another one… but I’ve spotted a potential calender duplication related trauma… hmmm… well, I’ll have to work it out n let you know… bum nuts…. well, anyway, there’ll be a big fat party somewhere in Late Aug for Myself and Chris Bailey’s big scary three oh.

nuts, i hate when that happens, you get offered something exciting and in your enthusiasm you forget to check your diary properly… which is a schoolboy error really, especially when you know almost every weekend is planned!

Tis truly a hard life being like me…. hahahaha… i wish… well, be careful what you wish for!

PS thought I’d add this random sunset photo from my recent camping adventure… just because…

a hill near Burnbake

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