buses, jobs and the lucky tenner

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Buses… you wait and then two come at once… why is that?

oh please… god I hate stupid questions.. look, if one is running late, there’ll be more people waiting… so the gap between buses narrows as there is no one waiting (or less people waiting) when the second bus approaches… eventually the buses are following each other in a frustration convoy.

There another mystery solved… now stop asking me stupid questions!

Which leads nicely to jobs….

You ponder getting one for ages… then 2 come along! Why is that?


probably because you re-wrote your cv n stuck it online for the world to see?

Yep, having gone back into the world of fulltime work (albeit on a temp contract) a mere 4 weeks ago… I’ve quit already to take on another job.

I’ve been taken on by a struggling call centre into a “team manager” role, which is focussed on training and coaching. Coolio!! The master plan (setting up positive link as the life coaching/training company in a few years time) is coming along nicely… not only will this roll allow me time to earn money and gain more training/coaching experience, I’ve got free reign to work on things like business process, developing training materials and… well… whatever I want really.

Onwards, upwards, sideways and allways round and round…

Maybe it’s the lucky tenner? Maybe it’s time to pass it on now?

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  1. Congratulations mate, good to hear that the lucky tenner has proved its worth… although I suspect there was more to it than that!

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