I miss you!

Posted by on July 3, 2006 in general thoughts | 0 comments

I miss you all, oh dear… I’m so self-involved… well, kinda… I dunno, I’m tired!

Apologies for the lack of writing but since we last spoke I’ve:

Driven 452 miles in a transit van, in 2 days
Riden about 20 miles on my bike… hoorah for bikes!
Played golf (well, hit some balls on the driving range anyways)
Been to a wedding
Built a website
+ Generally worked my ass off

The weekend ahead… TRIBAL SESSIONS!!!!

July 8th @ Opera House

Rm1: James Zabiela, Krafty Kuts, Bushwacka, Greg Vickers
Rm2: High Tide Crew
Rm3: 2manygenres (me) + Dubplate Disco

email me if you’d like to come… I ‘may’ (wink wink) be able to sort you out a cheap ticket.

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