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What a suprise… iPods are made in sweatshops! I mean, who would expect a large money making machine to do that?


Why is ANYONE suprised by big corporations?

“But… but… McDonalds DO care about your waistline…”

Yeeeaaaahhhh right!

We all know the only reason the big McD has introduced “healthy” options onto its menu, is becuase it’s scared people are going to sue for obesity related illness…. which in itself is an entirely ridiculous thing anyway… “oh my god, I ate un-healthy food and now I’m a fat biffa suffering from diabetes… it’s not my fault!!!”

I’m pleased coporations are worried about our health (even if for the wrong reasons), that is a good thing but lets not lose sight of the fundamentals… if no-one bought this rubbish, it wouldn’t exist.

It all left me wondering that if you did a survey, the following would almost certainly be true:

  • 60% of iPod owners would be completely unaware of china’s oppressive regime
  • 90% of iPod owners would say it’s wrong that china censors the internet
  • 90% would not of paid more for their iPod to be made outside of china
  • none would make any connection at all between the oppressive regime, meaning most of its population are, at best, brainwashed slaves and the fact their iPod cost less than £100

Oh sorry, I forgot… Mac is the “good alternative type guy” in the IT world… rubbish – they’d be just as happy to have the monopoly of Microsoft… they just weren’t as good at it!


  1. Yeah but… who cares? Like not buying an iPod is going to make a difference, do you honestly think Apple has the power to force the Chinese government to change its oppressive Internet policies? Of course I’m opposed to the Beijing government’s fascistic policies towards its own people, but not buying an iPod, or anything else Made in China, is but a drop in the bucket my friend.

    Maybe if the EU weren’t always trying to lift the arms embargo on China so it could sell more of its weapons for China to use against the US in any future war they would have a little more leverage on “Human Rights”. You think? While we may trade with China we don’t sell them weapons, and the fact that the EU is salivating to do so is disgusting and hypocricy of the highest order!

  2. all they care about is profits.

  3. I wasn’t suggesting anyone not buy an iPod, I was just highlighting the fact that no-one seems to care about these things. Which i think is sad.

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