A summer Creme Egg?

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A summer Creme Egg?

Hello, firstly apologies for the scarcity of posts recently… I can’t believe how much time job hunting has taken up. How does anyone ever move jobs? I guess you have to quit and take a while out? Phone interviews, tests, assesments… wouldn’t it be good if I could just do them all once and everyone who wanted to employ me could see the same set of results?

Anyway… Creme Eggs…

Creme Egg Ice Lolly

Some weirdo has decided to make the humble creme egg into an ice cream… and damn them, its good! Just when I thought I’d got rid of my Creme Egg addiction for another year… first the creme egg bar and now a delicious ice cream!

Damn those evil Cadbury people!!!!

Hope y’all well n enjoying the sun. 😀

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