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Such a weird old animal.

The same person can be ultra-chilled in one situation the tiniest thing happens and SNAP they’ve lost it.

The absuridity of it all struck me today, I was doing fine… the day was setting itself up nicely and then SNAP… I couldn’t get my toast out of the toaster.

Damn thing, it popped up but the bread got mangled and jammed inbetween the lifty-uppy thing and the sides. No amount of persuasion would make it come out, now why did the hell did this bug me so much?

Needless to say, in the end I pulled it out in chunks, buttered it and ate it… to prove to myself that I’d beaten the toaster… even though, actually, if I’m honest the toaster won this round…

I think most people would say that I am one of the most patient people in the world, but certain things really push my buttons sometimes… I must work out why!

One thing that can, is best summed up by one of my favourite sayings:

“Organising people is like herding cats”

There’s nothing worse than trying to prepare for a big gig (or get to it) with a million people leaving their weekend plans to the last second, I really don’t mind… but please dont expect long conversations 15mins before I’m on air… or leaving the house to DJ somewhere.

If you must ask questions, that are, frankly idiotic… at least try n find the answers elsewhere first! Here, dontstayin or myspace would do the job most times.

Apologies for getting out of the wrong side of bed today, I’m rectifying it by venting (here) and having a nice earl grey (no milk of course).



  1. Toast getting stuck like that fires me up so much as well, I normally end up ripping the toast out (eventually) then throwing it in the bin, in some sort of rage.

  2. hello mate – cheers for the text the other day about spring.. i was at a wedding at the time.. only just got over the hangover!

  3. See if these SNAP events occur when you’re hungry (like when you’re looking forward to a nice bit of toast). This is a sign of low blood sugar. Try low GI foods which release sugars over a longer period. Start the day with Muesli or Porridge oats….

  4. I won’t be starting the day with toast for a while… thats for sure!

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