da blog pimp?

Posted by on May 24, 2006 in general thoughts | 3 comments

I think I’m a blog pimp!

Welcome to the world of blogging: LittleMissMateo for those of you who don’t know her she’s currently in New Zealand on another one of her intercontinental magical mystery tours.

This got me thinking about all the sites I’d built, thinking it’s only a few… LittleMissMateo.com is the 12th blog I’ve built/skinned… crikey, how did that happen? That’s one a month(ish) as this site is only just over a year old!!!!

When I started this blog I knew of 1 other person who had a blog: TheShaneLife now look at it.

What have I done??? Hahahaha


  1. Is it really wise giving Mateo the ability to spread her filth across the interweb!!

  2. Scary eh? 😀

  3. Oi it’s a dignified and respectful means of interacive communication, probably too clean for your dirty mind!

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