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If variety is the spice of life, I had a damn spicy weekend!

Played a club night with the very talented Ms Vicky Devine on friday, then ended up at an after party hosted by a percussion player.. so loud music and live bongos till I headed home… bit random, good thing he has no neighbours really!

Then on sat went to “Get Green Bournemouth” an outdoor green festival in Shelley Park, I’ll be honest, the only reason I went originally (before I even knew what the event was) was because two friends of mine are in a band who were doing an acoustic set on the “people powered stage” – the electricity for the PA system was generated by 2 random people on a bike thing… at the start of each set they asked for volunteers to pedal! Also got to see a giant African Eagle up close and get a free lightbulb.. quite random really…

Off to a BBQ later on in the afternoon, then some champers with Chris to celebrate his new job at Ministry of Sound and off to the opera house. Wicked set from Mr Bailey getting the place rocking, sadly didn’t get to see the Hoxton Whores as we were getting up at 630am for….

Poole Stadium, Car Boot Sale! I’ve written about the madness at these events before, go to one, its funny as hell seeing all the people and things there – I had a load of stuff sorted out from my mums house to get rid of and some stuff from my flat here… made some cash, ate some dinky donuts.. spent the rest of the day watching films and doctor who! (The cybermen return!)

Onwards with the plans for world domination now… phone off, email off…

How was your weekend?


  1. You forgot about the sureal tour of Boscombe!

  2. and how could I ever forget that! The identical couple, hair, glasses, stripey top n trousers… or the shop assistant clutching his head who’d badly injured himself but the other one didn’t notice when he walked past… boscombe’s kind of like a zoo isn’t it?

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