Friday Feelin’!

Posted by on May 5, 2006 in general thoughts | 2 comments

Maybe its the sun… maybe its the fact I’ve landed some AWESOME gigs… maybe its because I finally have some tunes heading out into the world and some more remix work coming up… maybe I’ve gone insane… maybe… just maybe… it was recording a savage mix last night… but look out world, I’m coming to get ya!

to quote my mate Adam when he heard the mix this morning…

“Jeesus, ridiculous isn’t even the word…. we need to invent a new word like superfilthafragalisitcexpidirtylicious for this one”

a mix… not for the feint hearted, 60mins of pure dirty-nasty-techy-electro-house…

Luke Dubyah – the gloves are off…


  1. Nice friday treat that, will get it downloading later at home. I do hope it’s going to abuse my ears.

  2. Who do host your website with dude? Getting an awesome download speed – 607kb/s at the moment 🙂 Always good to download at silly speeds – that’s my first mix in under 3 minutes though!

    Will let you know what I think!

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