BBQ’s and Mexican Jumping Beans!

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BBQ’s and Mexican Jumping Beans!

BBQ’s… well, I guess its kinda officially summer… I’ve been to 2 BBQs and didn’t get rained on once, I didn’t get a suntan, but hey, I’m not complaining!

After consuming plenty of alcohol (2 pints of strongbow and about 1/2 litre of vodka – oops) we discovered a packet of mexican jumping beans in my friends flat… wow!

First off, I have to explain the mystery that is the mexican jumping bean… it’s a bug inside a bean, it lives in there and jumps around making the bean move. After watching the packet for 5 mins, we were convinced they were dead, or a hoax… or something along those lines.

Imagine our excitment when they reacted to music and started moving….

Mexican Jumping Beans – dancin’!!
Mexican Jumping Beans - dancin'

So of course we then had to test these athletes further with a race… i won’t upload the whole 5 min file, but if you want to see it catch me out n about… it’s on my mobile… here’s a teaser of where it went after some more drinks…

Mexican Jumping Beans – under starters orders…
Mexican Jumping Beans - racing!

oh dear… well, I laughed so hard tears were streaming down my face… I guess you had to be there!

Maybe I won’t drink much tonight…

One final mystery… on the packet it states they are “non toxic and non edible” – How is that possible??

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