The big tip con!

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Credit card tipping, the great con!

Undercover sources working for aLUKEonLIFE can exclusively reveal a scandalous con occuring in bars and restaurants around the uk.

Tips (or gratuities if you’re a posh one) left for staff on credit cards, don’t normally reach the staff. We have first hand evidence that in some chains, the tips don’t go to staff at all and in others, the money from credit card tips is used to pay wages!

Spread the word, always tip in cash… otherwise you’re just giving your money to the restaurant/bar and not the staff.


  1. Yeah I used to work in a bar in a hotel – same thing happened there. All the customers thought they were doing us a favour but obviously they weren’t cos we’d never see any of it!!

  2. I work for a well known restaurant chain, we also never see the money from credit card tips. I don’t know what happens to it, I just assumed my boss was creaming it off!

  3. That is very true, where I work if you add a tip onto the card payment, it doesn’t go through at all, as we close th card off before you sign for your drinks. Something to do with the company not being able to let us take the tip from the card out of the till. Probably because they want both card and cash to balance, not just an over all balance, really though they’re just being wankers.

  4. In my restaurant we still get the tips, although it goes onto our wage slips, so it gets taxed. boo!

  5. when i worked at the slug we used to get the money in our payslip – so it got there in the end but as Jon says – gets taxed! so cash all the way people – u know it makes sense!

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