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I had a text message today from someone stored in my phone as “NYE?”… I like it when mysteries of the universe are solved, like why have I gained a random number on my phone!? Aha, I now know who it is!!

Well… we’ve all done it… gone out, bumped into someone after a few too many lemonades… swapped numbers and then forgotten to save it… looked at your phone the next day and thought… “bugger, who was that?”

Sadly, your memory fails… did you meet Cat Deeley or was it a dream? Did you see the promoter of some huge night in London who wanted a demo? Or maybe one of your mates just changed phone…

If you’re like me, when you discover a random number (be it, one you stored drunk, or an unknown missed call) you then store it with some piece of info, in my phone I have:

X Friend (usefull, at least I know who they know… if not their name!)
Random Cat (although I’m pretty sure this is my long term stalker, who randomly sends me pictures of cats – yeah I know, strange eh?)
Maison Bloke (good one Luke, someone you met at maison… that narrows it down!!!)
and, er…
Mystery Blonde (hahaha – ahem… :D)

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  1. Haha, I know how that feels man!

    I used to do that all the time when I was out and getting drunk. I ended up with some stupid system where if a name was already in my phone book, i.e. “Steve”, and I was going to put another Steve’s number on my phone..I’d end up so drunk that the next person became “Steve.” and then “Steve-” etc.

    Luckily I don’t get drunk so much now, as I remember at one point, a few years back when I might have dabbled in a few things, I used to be so friendly that I’d wake up the next day with 50+ numbers of utter randoms that I was never going to ring.

    Those were the days… 😀

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