Ready… Steady… Cook!

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Ready… Steady… Cook!

Yesterday I invited a friend over to lunch… (being known for my slightly un-orthodox cooking methods) in a moment of inspired genius, she decided that rather than me cook something, she would challenge me to a bout of ready, steady… cook!

So, shortly she’ll be arriving with £5 worth of ingredients, which are unknown to me and expecting me to russle up some form of culinary delight within 20mins… wow, my life is non-stop keeeeraaaazzzzeee fun kids!

I’m sure you’re all dying to know what happens, so I’ll post a pic and recipe here for you later…

“it’s Luke’s Cooking Corner and here’s your host… Luuuuuuke Dubyaaaaaaah! Ready, Steady… dubyah cook!”

I’ll get my coat…

Wholegrain Rice
Small tin of tomatoes
Red Onion
Button Mushrooms (to follow mr spoon…)

Gently fried the leeks and onion in butter and olive oil, with pepper and basil.
Cut the chicken up and browned it off with paprika and pepper.
Start the rice.
Pile everything into the same pan, add mushrooms and tomatoes a tiny bit of flour to thicken the juices… then the rice…

voila a Chicken n leek goulash/risotto:

Ready Steady Cook!

tiny bit disappointed.. I wanted a challenge! Some weird piece of fish, or an obscure veggie… ah well, maybe next time…


  1. Does she get to choose the ingredients though ?

  2. yes, exactly. She’s choosing random ingredients and I have to cook ’em!

  3. Ah ! I thought you were both cooking seperate meals with the same 5 items. It makes more sense now, I was thinking she would have the upper hand – what with choosing the food !!! (it’s been a long day.)

  4. ah cool – what a good idea! sounds like fun! i think there should be more of these random challenges

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