Today I feel sad…

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Today I feel sad…

…I was thinking about the littlest hobo… that poor dog, never did get home…

The Littlest Hobo
(click for theme tune!)

In my quest to check if he did make it home (he didn’t) I did find out a useless fact though…

“A then-unknown Mike Myers appeared in an episode of The Littlest Hobo. He played a paraplegic Frisbee thrower’s friend.”

Which made me chuckle oncemore…


  1. I used to love this show. To my delight a couple of months ago when flicking through Freeview I noticed that it was coming onto some obscure channel in a few moments so I got comfy and readied myself for a fat nostalgia trip.. I even went to the trouble of telling as many people as I could to tune into channel ‘whateveritwas’ as this programme was the dog’s nuts (nearly, but not quite, literally)… anyway to cut this long story a little shorter… it was SHIT!

    It was shot on really grainy cheap film, the dialogue and sound were terrible, acting attrocious, and the sets wobbled whenever the dog got too close. F

    unny how you remember things like this being amazing.. however, the theme tune for me is still one of the best tracks ever to grace a TV show and gives me a nice warm feeling every time I hear it..

    (If you’re bored, find a version of it on the web by a obscure Candian punk band called the Vaginal Croutons. Strange!)

  2. That’d be the first series, which was actually shot on the 50’s equivalant of a camcorder… the 2nd series is the one in colour that we all know n love.

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