the new class war?

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Hmmm. Firstly, yes…I think too much. (Which is never a good thing peeps!)

Ok, that aside, I was thinking about society, religion and science when it occured to me that new boundaries are being drawn up in the world.

Internet connectivity.

I exist in an internet class, I can’t help it… if you are regularly on line the chances are, you now know more about me than those who are not. Sure, like class (in society terms) there isn’t fixed boundaries… but I can’t help feeling (like with class) the divide between those with and those without is going to grow wider.

Now, those of you well read in the subject will be aware that this has a name: “the digital divide” and that there are charities who are aiming to make sure everyone (be it the poor within society or those in the third world – assuming you believe in such a label, but lets not go there, I think most people know what I mean!) has access to the internet.

So this is no new theory that I can stick my hand up n say “I made that” but the reality of it really hit me this weekend.

Take me as an example, I’m a net geek, no point beating around the bush, I just am.

Now, if you are part of the netizen (no, i didn’t make that word up, someone else did! “Digitaly-middle” maybe?) class, chances are you are in touch with me more regularly than those who are not, or at least more aware of what is going on in my world.

I can’t help it, for me email/IM/blog/forums are my most regular ways I keep in touch, so if you’re an offliner you will be the last to know I have a myspace profile (they don’t care anyway..)… from time to time details of my gigs are online first… sms/phone if n when I remember.

In a wider sense… stuff is cheaper online (usually)… information on aything n everything is only a google away… staying in touch with people around the world, building social and business networks is quicker/cheaper and easier.

The lines are also being drawn, those without (or that don’t understand, maybe?) “oooh the big scary internet, full of fraud n pedo’s!!!”… those who use it, those who build it and those pioneers who are almost evangelical about things like the next generation of web applications.

Sorry, an essay, had to get it out of my head… I’ll shut up now.


  1. Off on a tangent again, but that track I asked you about last week – I can’t seem to find the name of it in here now, but I did look for it at the time on google and couldn’t find it. Could you remind me the name again and label if poss????

  2. UPDATED (checked the cd): Chris Lopez pres. Aisling Stephenson “addicted” (Andy Daniell mix) SuCasa records

  3. Cheers luke, i’ve found a digital download site with it on so am going to grab this at some point….

  4. And Google only make 8 cents for EVERY search that is made through their websites. I wonder how much that equates to per day…


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