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First off a huge CONGRATULATIONS to my cousin Richard and his significant other Katherine, who are now the proud parents of Benjamin. All the best guys!

…thats where it all gets scary… my family is very regimented into generations… this is the first child from my generation… ut oh… add into that another cousin getting married this year… cue broody relatives and their ever so helpful comments:

“When I was your age I had 2 kids…”
(yeah great… well done! …what do you want a medal? Some lovin’d be nice for starters…)

“why don’t you have a nice young lady in your life?”
(Pffft… cheers gran, if I knew the answer to that one, you wouldn’t need to ask the question!)

“Are you scared of commitment? Did that stalker girl put you off women?”
(Er no, to be scared of commitment would mean managing to go out with someone for longer than say, I dunno a few months! Nope, not even got close to that one)

“Well, you young folks are all career minded, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a family you know!”
(to be honest… I think this one is a thinly veiled remix of: “so what are you actually doing these days…?” – no I don’t want a normal job thanks)


I’m quite happy most the time, but when I’ve got a lot on… the cashflows tight… and I feel like I’m fighting the world one handed… its hard not to take a knock… the mind plays tricks on you… “maybe life would be easier, if I just got a 9-5 and settled down a bit…”


Then I give myself a slap, dust myself off and carry onwards…

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  1. Everyone’s scared of commitment aren’t they? Run for your life!!! You’re almost 30….and the rest of us aren’t far behind you.

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