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Why is it, we seem to be taking increasingly LESS responsibility for our actions?

If I choose to get on my moutain bike and hurtle down a hill… I accept responsibility for any injuries I inccur… I choose to ride down the hill. Sure, if someone put an obstacle intentionally in my path, that entire responsibility changes, but I still have to accept that my choice affected my outcome.

If I drive a car over the speed limit, I’m taking a risk… an increased chance of collision, a chance of a speeding ticket, fine or ban… my choice, my responsibility.

If I eat mcDonalds (or other fast food junk) for every meal and don’t exercise ever… I know I’ll get fat and affect my health.

If I go out and drink too much (far fetched I know… :)) I’m accepting that some things are now more likely (I’m twice as likely to be the victim of a violent assault, 7% more likely to be mugged… etc – figures from Dorset Police).

Life is about balancing and managing risk, don’t you think?

So why is it that we seem to be increasingly legislating that if you go out and get drunk, you no longer have to accept that whatever happens is partly your fault for choosing to get drunk and put yourself into that situation?

Changing the onus on rape cases from “beyond reasonable doubt” to “proof that the woman consented” is a dangerous step, of course I think it’s very important that women (and men, I’ve heard of a viagra spiked rape that never went to the police) are protected… I just strongly believe that this is going too far.

And before someone says that I’m disputing the cases where people take advantage of others who are drunk, of course I’m not, I just think this step to resolve it is the wrong one.

Take risks, take the responsibility.

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