Car Boot Carbunkle!

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Not sure exactly what that means, ah well.

Today, was a strange day… after another “quiet night” in (went to see a friends band, then a club… then got home to find my house full of gorgeous women, who insisted I drink with them till about 330am…) I got up at 6am.. yes UP not, went to bed at.. got up at 6am to head off to a car boot with 2 friends of mine (Adam + Mich).

Wow… it was certainly an experience!

Let me rewind a bit: I’ve de-cluttered a lot of my crap, sorted out my CD’s that I didn’t want and generally gone through most of my stuff… I horde, I can’t help it!

Now, not only did we make some cash disposing of our crap (which I feel much better about than just wastefully binning it all), we also donated what was left to the charity van that was parked behind us. Winner. Felt all warm n fuzzy inside… no wait… thats just my limbs de-frosting…

The people there though!!!! Jeeebus… “when the freaks come out…”

From the insane collectors/shop owners who swarm your car as you pull up at 7am… to the downright weird people, who seem to buy ANY old junk they find… for no real reason!

This one guy (odd looking, about 40), was checking out the curtain rail I was selling..

“hmmm, nice curtain rail, I might buy it..”
I make him an offer… he ponders…
“I don’t need actually need a curtain rail… oh… what’s this??”
…then he spots Adam’s old small smoke machine…
“a smoke machine”
“what does it do?” (I kid you not!)
“Um.. it makes smoke…”
“Oooh, cool! I’ll take it”
“for when you have big house party raves eh?” (attempting humour with the natives… always a good way to keep yourself amused)
“er.. I dunno, probably use it to play jokes on people”
“o…. k….”
“would this bottle make enough smoke to fill a house?”
“……um …..probably… yes”
“excellent, cheers”

He bought a smoke machine… for no real reason… well, maybe to fill someones house with smoke “for a laugh”… what??

I took a wander around… from the usual nik naks.. to the guy who was selling porn that he’d recorded off the tv (£2 each, not that I bought any)… from the people who are “pro’s” with their well organised trays of “genuine” watches… to people like us, who were disposing of our things but didn’t quite seem to fit in.. couple of market stalls and a guy who had 6 office chairs… random.

People… you gotta love ’em!

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