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It’s “Shrove Tuesday”

or if you’re traditional but not religious… maybe its “pancake day”

and to those of you, beaten into submission by adverts, it’s “jif lemon day” (jeeebus)

I’m not religious, so why do I celebrate pancake day every year??

Um… because I like pancakes!? Maybe because there is a tradition, every year I have to ring my mum for her recipe.. I always forget how to make them and if I write it down… it gets lost within the year!

I think pancake day is a part of our heritage, like fish n chips, easter… christmas… new year… st george (I don’t believe he killed a dragon, but I think it should be a national holiday), wet seaside holidays…

It’s got me thinking about the whole religion/tradition thing.

Loads of our religious dates are actually old pagan dates, re-branded… so is it so bad or any less valid for Shrove Tuesday to be re-branded Pancake day?

I’m not religious, I don’t believe in some big boogly person (spaghetti monster/allah/god… ganesh… shiva…) or persons controlling things we don’t understand.

I think religion filled the void that science plugged… for me, I think life is about living a moral/ethical existence, if religion helps you do that, then good on it.

Right now, it feels like religion is just ripping the world apart. If you assume for a minute that there was a supreme being, I’m pretty sure he/she/it would be against the violence and hatred in the world.

Get with the times people… evolve!

Primitive gods/religions > modern religions/cults > science n moral living.

Well, enough waffle… I’m off to buy some eggs n stuff for tonight, if you want to join me, pancakes are served at 8. (no really, open invite – send me a txt)

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  1. Gutted. Oz doesn’t have a pancake day. Obviously. Otherwise I would have known about it!

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