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Posted by on February 26, 2006 in general thoughts | 1 comment

Brandon Block… every time I’ve seen him play before.. he’s been really hammered and played badly… last night, he was fecking genius. Caught about 1 1/2 of his set at Dusk till Dawn, fantastic!!

Despite being completely exhausted I found it hard not to dance (although the strongbow in my system might of helped!) and he played this 1 tune I have to find… amazing dark sort of breaky tune… kinda electro but savage to the core!

Oops… so much for the detox.

Well, it was a friends birthday… plus 2 good friends were playing in the backroom at Maison.

I made a deal with myself, if I could finish a certain thing, I could go out. Finished it, had a couple of cans of strongbow (trying to save the pennies!) and headed out to maison.

Wicked night, left about 330 for dusk till dawn… left there about 530 to go to a party… stumbled home about 7… yeah… “quiet night in” eh? Ahem.

Hats off to Lionel Vinyl + Lee7Seven (aka geek chic sound system) and Brandon for making the night awesome… although Tula + Touche were wicked it was all about room2 for me.

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  1. And hats off to you for helping to create such a good atmosphere! It was really good to see you, especially as we thought you were away!

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