Naked ramblers, I salute you

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Naked ramblers, I salute you

Naked RamblersHooray for the naked rambler (and his Bournemouth partner), who completed their walk yesterday.

I think it’s great that someone believes so much in their right to walk the land naked, that they’ll walk from end to end of this country, knowing that he’ll get arrested.

Is the human body really that offensive?

If he was flashing his tadger around and going “wooooohhhhhaaaa” maybe I’d agree it was indecent exposure, but he was so obviously just a rambler it strikes me as ridiculous.

Why did anyone complain anyway? Surely everyone knew full well that they were walking the length of the country, had I been out in the countryside and seen two people walking naked, I’d of just thought “oh cool, its those naked ramblers!”… probably gone and said hello and taken a picture!

Confession time…

On my birthday a couple of years ago, we had a naked beach race. On the blow of a whistle 5 of us threw our clothes and caution to the wind, and legged it round the agreed course.

It’s the second time we’ve done this at silly o’clock in the morning, after a drink or maybe two… and I dare say it wasn’t the last!

The first time was after far too many beers at a beach party, it seemed like a good idea and being dark we assumed most people at the party, wouldn’t notice… we forgot that someone blowing a whistle at 5am tends to make people look… even funnier as we didn’t realise EVERYONE was watching till we rounded the half way mark… strangely the return leg was much faster…

The biggest memory in both of these was the immense feeling off freedom that came from saying, “you know what… this is me and I’m proud of it… RUN… feck, its cold!” The winner of the second race (who we’ll call C) had been witness to the first race and always regretted not competing, C won the second race and I’m pretty sure ranks it as one of her proudest moments!

So thats my naked/streaking confessions out in the open… well… apart from the time Carl had a birthday wish that…



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