Shiny New Home!

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Well, to be honest, I’ll bet 99% of you guys don’t even notice!

aLUKEonLIFE now has its own bit of the hyper-global-inter-web, which is biggerer n fasterer than before… which, assuming the trend continues… will allow for the 10,000 hits I will get next month! (I know!)

Erm, what else does this mean?

1) Gallery – All pics will be re-uploaded real soon.

2) Polysonic has also moved – If you are a fellow DJ, drop me a line about hosting mixes, I’ll cut you a bonza deal mate! My new space has no limits on downloads. 😀

3) RSS feeds – for those of you using RSS enabled browsers you’ll now see the RSS logo in the bottom right, so you can active bookmark any sections of this site. (it was there before, just kinda hidden)

4) Podcast for mixes – this is splitting into two:

aLUKEonLIFE podcast – mixes from me
polysonic podcast – mixes hosted on polysonic

5) Webspace – I have sooo much spare space now, it’s ridiculous, if you need a site built/some webspace/a blog of your own – shout. Cheap as McChips!

Finally… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME… well, aLUKEonLIFE anyway… another milestone reached with this entry… 250 posts! Crikey…

Hope y’all have a great weekend.. assuming I’ve dusted off this flu, I’ll be at Hed Kandi/Punchfunk on sat.


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