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Apologies, todays entry is likely to be a tad patchy, 6hr set sat (cheers to all who came down – wicked night) and a spot of unplanned late night drinking in Camel means my head isn’t 100% today….. anyway, enough intro spiel:

I’m appalled that our police did not arrest the demonstrators calling for the destruction of europe. This is clearly a group of people not representative of muslims at large, intent on creating division amongst us. They are dangerous individuals who should be arrested.

Yes, these cartoons have caused offence, it must not be forgotten though that the paper has explained their reasons for publishing them and clearly apologised.

It’s a wider issue though isn’t it.

For anyone to deny or ignore the very randomness of human existence is to avoid reality itself. (oooh thats a good sentence – © Luke 2006!)

How we respond or interpret any given communication is based on our own perceptual filters, filters which are unique to each person in the world based on their life expriences.

Not everyone in life is going to agree with you on everything, it doesn’t reflect on you, it is their opinion, deal with it, reflect on it but accept that you have a choice how to react in any given circumstance.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…

Things happen in life, it’s how you choose to deal with them that counts.

To clarify a couple of things:

The cartoons are within a click-through link so that you are choosing wether you view these images or not.

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