Nokia N70

Posted by on January 20, 2006 in general thoughts | 1 comment

…Is a great phone.

I’ve had the N70 a couple of days now and had the chance to have a proper play with it… sadly the mobile update onto here did not work, I know why… so should get it going soon.

It’s the little touches I like about this phone….

The keypad is only backlit when its dark, how cool is that?? It has a sensor so if you’re using the phone in dark/dingy conditions its backlit. Sweet.

Function keys and the quick menu can be customized putting the features I use most easily accessable.

Nokia datasuite has come a long way from my old support days… it sync’d my contacts up first time via bluetooth from my laptop (without uninstalling my ericsson s/w either) and has some nifty apps for cropping images to the right size for backdrops n stuff.

Camera quality looks good… hmmm… time to try video calling me thinks!

My only gripe is that there is a slight delay when flicking quickly through the menus, thats partly me being a speed freak though… I’ve never found a phone that can keep up!


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  1. Hello mate,

    After being told by my mobile company that they wont be getting the N90 I have also got a N70 today ! Fancy a video call later ?!?!

    Having issues trying to synch with my mac though…

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