spam war… pt2

Posted by on December 30, 2005 in general thoughts | 0 comments

So his site went down for a day… and then re-located on another host. Doh.

Not too be outdone, it took a whole 20secs to send a duplicate email with the same spam evidence in it to his new ISP. (although longer to type this update!)

Hmmm… wonder how long this will go on for? Maybe I should just leave it.

Nah, that wouldn’t be me really would it….

UPDATE: Woohoo! Shut down… but wait… no suprise, he moved again… not giving it up yet…

If you think I’m wasting my time, this guy has comment spam on 688 blogs (cheers google) thats the ones that didn’t catch it… assuming the same amount dealt with his spam as left it… 5mins per person wasted on 688 blogs is um… about 58 hours of wasted time thanks to this guy.. so if it takes me about oooh, 10mins so far… then I’ll carry on.

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