christmas things

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christmas things

Well, I had a pretty good christmas, some good bits, some not so… but the highlight for me?

Getting back to my mum’s house to find a box of transformers! Woooooo!

transformers - robots in disguise!

Now, I looked for these about 5 years ago and had assumed they were all in a charity shop or landfill… to discover them all, pretty much intact was muchos chulo! (I only bought 2 back to Bournemouth as I came back on the train though)

Sorry the pics a bit blurry, its a phone pic and I’m badly in need of a new phone… hmmm… happy christmas to me soon. 🙂

Transformers aside it was good to see all the relations, made me feel old though. My youngest cousin and his other half are expecting a baby in march – another gets married in June… a third was away with her other half… and I’m… well… umm… I have 2 marriage proposals to consider…

1) Shane seems to want to move to the UK (why???), through some form of sham gay marriage… sorry I mean “civil partnership” – Shane i told you before, if we’re doing this, I’m moving to San Fran!

2) Miss Bish …ok, actually i proposed to her, kind of… well in a pub… after a few pints of cider… she’s up for going to vegas to get married by Elvis… worrying how this idea keeps cropping up… god help me if I ever ACTUALLY go to Vegas!!!

Enough ramblings for today… onwards to the New Year… whatever that brings…

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  1. I know what you mean about feeling old.

    Went to see my mum’s family day after boxing day. Me being almost the oldest of my cousins there (excpet for steve who’s 5 years older than me) really made me feel old.

    My mum’s brother paul who has twin son’s are now doing their GSCE’s this year and are only 2inches shorter than me!! I remember swinging them around doing helicopters etc at one of our gathers years ago!

    Funny how sometimes you forget how fast time actually moves!!

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