2manygenres2 – update!

Posted by on December 22, 2005 in general thoughts | 6 comments

2manygenres2 – update!

Well… its all gone a bit mental!

Not only have 347 people now dloaded Luke Dubyah – 2manygenres2

…and the mix will go out on FIRE 107.6 as part of 12hrs non-stop in the mix on christmas eve and/or new years eve…

…but wait, the best bit….

Its also now going to be featured in IDJ magazine, they asked for a picture this morning, woooo!

blurry luke dubyah

bit of a photoshop effort… what do you reckon?


  1. Cool pic, makes me feel a bit dizzy !

    What about the pic from Friday BBQ – I think Lee took it, its you looking like your on fire with the gun you won on parce the parcel…

  2. funny you should say that… I had to send them the picture today and Lee couldn’t send me the un-DSI-logo’d one until later… great minds think alike… or as my mum says, idiot rarely differ!

  3. I’ve sent it now. If only I wasn’t at work earlier!

  4. Too late Lee, too late…

  5. That picture is so sexy Luke, and excuse me but aren’t those the glasses I bought you at Saks when you were here last? I better get a damned credit!!!

  6. Loving the photo shop work… Can you do that on my photos?? ha ha

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