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Hire Cars

Might seem like a strange one, but for me, I quite like having hire cars!

Especially when you get the model up from the one you paid for… brum, brum! 😀

toyota corolla

It’s weird really, I don’t need a car… so I don’t own one, yeah sure a hire car is more expensive, but over the long run I’ve saved a mint ditching my car 3 years ago… and its not just the cashola:

1) I’m sure my health is better, as I walk a lot more.

2) I think more about what I eat, as carrying it from the supermarket could be a pain… made easier by going to local fruit n veg man (tastier too!).

3) When I do have a car, it comes with no hassles of maintainence and all the enjoyment of driving a new car.

4) You bump into more people, sound a bit silly? Nope, I’ve gained gigs and design work this way… kind of like a networking bonus!

Anyway, back to rebuilding my laptop 🙁 although… yay for backups! 🙂

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