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Well here it is… the 200th post on aLUKEonLIFE… so I thought I’d better do something a bit special:


Luke Dubyah – 2manygenres2 “Funk, Filth and Frank”

Let me know what you think, I recorded it live in 1 take at the FIRE 107.6 studios last night.

If you heard the original 2manygenres then you’ll know what to expect… an eclectic hectic mix of tunes I love.. from the funky to the down right dirty, with some unusual remixes thrown in for good measure.

PS this is also in honour of polysonic being back online… full set of mixes will be back up soon, promise

Once you’ve heard it (so as not to spoil any suprises!) here’s the track listing…

1. Intro
2. Skeewiff “little spot of soul”
3. Scanty Sandwich “because of you” (e)
4. Greed “pump up the volume” (DMC limited remix – e)
5. Janis Joplin”Mercedez Benz” (remixed extended version)
6. Capoiera Twins “Four” (Mr Scruff remix – e)
7. Fatboyslim “gangsta trippin” (e)
8. House of Pain “Jump Around” (erol alkan get your freak on mix)
9. Babylon Zoo “Spaceman” (e)
10. Tom Middleton “War of the Worlds”
11. Daft Punk “Da Funk” (e)
12. Les Rythmes Digitales “Jacques your body”
13. Pnau “Enuffs Enuff”
14. Red “Release the pressure” (dubyah rework)
15. ToneLoc “Wildthing” (e)
16. Kid Carpet “Jump” (e)
17. Prodigy “Voodoo People” (Pendulum remix – e)
18. Moby “007 theme” (e)
19. Klonhertz “3 girl rhumba” (e)
20. Freeform5 “no more conversation” (dubyah vs mylo re-edit)
21. Dirty Funker “Future” (e)
22. Plump DJ’s “how much is enough”
23. Kylie “Can’t get you out of my head” (dubyah cuts plastika mix)
24. Josh Wink “Higher state of conciousness” (dubyah refiltered mix)
25. Linus Loves “First Base” (e)
26. Switch “A bit patchy”
27. Leftfield “Phat planet” (breaks bootleg – e)
28. Aquasky “Take it to the floor” (dubyah cut n shut edit)
29. Green Velvet “La La Land” (ebiz remix)
30. Alter Ego “Rocker” (dubyah’s one quick squelch mix)
31. Audio Bullys “Bang Bang”
32. Frank Sinatra “New York, New York” (dubyah’s loopy old blue eyes mix)

*(e) – re-edit

?The name of his mix – ?2ManyGenres?: Not to hard to see where he?s coming from then? there?s a mammoth 32 tracks into under an hour? Anyone who can get Sonar Kollectiv, Serious, Plump DJ?s, Saint Etienne and Chicken Lips in one mix and make it sound coherent deserves our props.? International DJ magazine Sept. ?04


  1. Oi you naughty little tinker. Stop using my blog to plug your music antics!!!! ha ha. Don’t mind really. xxxxxxx

  2. When are you going to turn this into a podcast? Surely you realise the effort it takes to drag this file across my desktop into iTunes. Plus I’ll get future ones without even blinking!

    Mmmmm, sloth……

  3. funny you should say that… polysonic podcast now live!

  4. Hey, stopped through your site and wanted to let you know how much I love this mix! Its exactly what I needed, and I’ve gotten non-techno people hooked because of your mix.

    Any chance you’ll be doing more in this vein?

    – Buzz

  5. Cheers fella… and yeah, I do a mix every month-ish, you can subscribe to the podcast here: polysonic podcast feed

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