damn it! It’s december…

Posted by on December 1, 2005 in general thoughts | 1 comment

Doh doh doh!

I failed. 🙁

The plan was to do all my shopping before december, having got loads of stuff in thailand… I could say this was due to many things and rattle of loads of things that did happen.. but they’d be excuses.

I didn’t make any time to go shopping and have been lazy these last few weeks.

Thats life isn’t it? You can blame anything you want, but its normally your own fault.

I always find it frustrating when you see people blaming everyone else for their own choices…

If you get fat eating McDonalds – its your choice.
If you get cancer because you smoke – its your choice.

Take responsibility for your actions!!! Sure, some things take will power, get over it.

Right, I got a lot to do and I’m not getting much done today. So I’m going to try my patented working out therapy.

PS 2ManyGenres2 has started taking shape… watch this space…

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  1. Quit drinking so much Luke!

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