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Posted by on November 20, 2005 in general thoughts | 8 comments

Ever thought about why certain people don’t eat certain things?

I’m thinking about this because I spoke to a friend of mine last night, who I’m meeting up with for some food next week and is possibly the fussiest (real word?) eater I know.

If it was allergy related, I’d understand.. or some other condition that put restrictions on his diet, ok, fair enough… but its not, he’s just a fussy bar steward.

Thank god he’s chosen the restaurant… cunning tactic on my part to avoid what happened last time…

walk walk walk… “how about here?”… “no, I can’t see anything I’d eat”…

walk walk walk… “this looks nice?”… “they use garlic in here, I think I want something with rice” (I didn’t understand that either, or find it weird till I thought about it afterwards!)..

wander wander wander… “Ahhh, chinese! yes?”.. “they use MSG in here, I read thats bad for you” (true, but come on!!!)

you get the idea… any way, about 40mins later we went to…. yates! Oh dear. Well, the food was palatable I suppose.

Why are some people so fussy? I don’t eat everything… but I’ll give it a go!

I think part of it is, good ol’ fear of the unknown! Seriously. How many of you can name someone who won’t eat anything they’ve not had before? If they’re like this, challenge them head on to try something new and ask why… the answers are great!

“I don’t know if it’d agree with me” – coool, more laughs for me if it doesn’t.
“it might be too spicy” – again, here’s some water… red faces n tears make me laugh….
“I don’t know if I’d like it” – man, how do you get out of bed in the morning???

My weird thing was, I would never eat ketchup. One day someone asked me why, you know what, I didn’t know why, I tried it and from that day forth unless I know it makes me gag (like muscles, snails n other shell-type animals!) I’ll eat it!

Todays motto: Try it, you might like it.


  1. A lot of people that know me call me the fussiest eater they know. There are loads of things I wont eat most of them because I dont think I would like them, yes I have never tried most of them before but if I want to eat it I will and I dont. Now on the flip side as a fussy eater it is most annoying when people badger you on and on about trying something ! I say leave us fussy eater alone !

    Some things though I know I dont like, mash potatoe for example – I think its the texture that gets me, plus the fact that my mum tried to force it down my neck when I was younger resulting in me almost being sick at the dinner table !

  2. Just wanted to show my support on the mashed potato front!! Possibly one of the foulest foods known to man (or indeed woman)… with the exception of baked beans that is…!! YUK.

  3. Yes ! well done Sarah ! beans are bad too !!!

  4. Whingers! Bangers, Beans n Mash is the best meal known to man!!

  5. Just reading that comment makes me feel sick !

  6. Hmmm…

    Bangers (artificial collagen from the foot of a cow stuffed with the fat, skin, and gristle of a pig)

    Beans (inside out mashed potato in a sauce masquerading as tomato but in reality couldn’t be any further from it)

    Mashed potato (already covered, see above).

    You’re right, clearly the best meal known to man.

  7. I have gone right of sausages since seeing a program on BBC1 I think about what % is actually meat etc…

  8. After all this talk of sausages I had to have some for dinner… yum.

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