What is it about oz???

Posted by on September 26, 2005 in general thoughts | 2 comments

What is it about oz???

I live here: moonlit bournemouth beach

and I love it… I can’t help but wonder if I should try n move to sydney… I’ve almost lost count of how many of my friends are now living there! (is it me??? “lets see how far we can move from Luke!”)

Found out today that another friend of mine (Benton) is emigrating to Sydney in a months time, he got made redundant, has joint Oz/Uk citizenship and basically decided he’s had enough of the UK!

maybe its time to accept those cheesier DJ bookings and rack up a load of money to head down under… hmmm.

Is it that decent uk people have had enough of this country and want to live somewhere hotter thats a bit like blighty?



  1. Hiya mate

    Is this “Ben nice but”? Don’t move out there matey – there’s plenty of us left this side of the pacific.

    I’ve been thinking of moving but not that far away so it’s definately not you. probably more to do with great weather. english speaking country and bikini clad babes! (which you only get for 1 month over here)

    G x

  2. yes.. tis the one n only jolly nice bloke… 🙂 BENTON

    everyone’s on the move.. even me.. oops, sshhh

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