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Life constantly changes, do you hate that or embrace it?

I have a philosophy that I want to look back on my life and say “at least I tried” or “I did this, and it didn’t work out”… and even better “I took a chance and ended up doing… (insert crazy event here)”

and not…

“I wonder what would of happened if…” or “I wish I’d tried…”

I think this is another trait of mine that some people mistake for luck!
(I learnt to accept my failures as part of the journey to success, in fact, if I don’t mess something new/different up at least once a week.. thats a wasted week!!)

So, when the opportunity to go to Thailand for 2 weeks, in just 4 weeks time popped up, I thought about it and then thought, woooooooooo!

It’s going to be tough, squeezing all the bits of work in between now n then… and cashflows not great right now but I have some cunning schemes up my sleeve.

Hope y’all good, leave me some comments and say hi… I know I’ve been lame at staying in touch… and I know you’re reading this… I’m a nerd remember, I know how to read my webstats!

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