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Nope, not a winge about trains (Although out of the 6 I took in last 2 days, 2 were late) more about passengers.

I’m sat on a train and (for lack of a better easy way to describe him) a young pikey/chav sort sits to 2 seats forward off me… he buys a child return to his destination from the conductor, then cockily opens a can of carlsberg with a defiant kind of gesture.

Duuuuuuuuuuuhhh how thick is he???

Conductor ever so politely says, well, you have 2 choices, buy an adult ticket or surrender this beer to me now. Needless to say he was clever enough to give up the beer. Looked a lot less cocky afterwards. (well it made me chuckle, probably a had to be there thing…)

After he got off these 2 other guys got on and started talking loudly (don’t people know how to talk quietly? Honestly, the youth of today…) about stuff.

Now I was reading a book, trying to learn more about a subject so I can earn money from it… you don’t try and listen but its hard not to pick out bits.


Basically they were saying how lame their lives were working at some shop and how they wished they’d “learnt more stuff” so they could get a better job.

A fraction later they were discussing how there was nothing to do on a train and that they “lost” 3 hours a day sat in a carriage…


I almost felt like saying to them “Look… see this? this is called a BOOK… read them on your journeys and you can learn things… things which make you more valuable… so you can get a better job!”

See, I took the train for 2 reasons.

1) It worked out cheaper than hiring a car.
2) I want to learn some things, that gave me 10hrs on a train to do so.

Call me arrogant but, thats why I’ll do well in my life… and they’ll still be working in a shop.

God, that sounds really big headed of me… actually, no. stuff it. I AM smarter than them, thats not arrogance, its fact and I’m not going to apologise for it… so there… ner ne ner ne ner ner!

Like I always say, Life’s what you make it.

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  1. Travel 1st class, thats what I do… Saves sitting near Pikeys…

    More expensive but so worth it.. oh and you get free coffee!!

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