Geek alert…

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Wow, I just transcended to an almost zen level of geekiness.

It all started simply enough, transfered my pics fom camera to pc (more on them later) then I wanted to crop one of them and put it on my phone…

So this pic has gone…

Camera > USB > PC
PC > Ethernet > hub
hub > WiFi > Laptop
Laptop > Bluetooth > Phone

man, what a nerd.

thats not even the ubergeek part!!! (ubergeek is the new uberchic, ok kids?)

The bluetooth thingy on my laptop stopped working, ok, quick re-install, fixed it… then I noticed something… had a minor tinker, small bit of geeking later, now I can use my phone as a remote control for my laptop!

The joystick on my phone, moves the mouse pointer and the buttons on my phone perform left click, right click and other useful (how exactly is this usefull Luke?) functions.


to rephrase the simpsons:

Technology, is there anything they can’t do?

(although I prefer Homer’s “Celebrities, is there anything they can’t do!”)

anyway, better go now n sort out my tunes for tonight.

Hope y’all havin’ a good ol’ bank holiday! Yeeeehhaaaa…

(I like gigs where I’m playing as part of a free vodka tour… ut oh…)

Congratulations to Rob n Emma (wedding #2) pics’ll be online tomo.

oh and congrats to James n Dani who got engaged today… James you big softy! 🙂

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