RIP Smarties Lids

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After 68 years of the smartie lid… they’re phasing them out this summer for a new haxagonal packaging 🙁

Normally, I’m not one to opose change for no real reason, but I love the smartie lid… I have so many fond memories of using them to make things with, collecting the letters on the lid to make my name… karate chopping an empty tube to see how far the lid would go.

To say goodbye, they are doing 5 limited edition lids, I must collect these!

Smarties/Nestle won my best consumer response ever about 3 years ago for a letter I sent to customer services.

Allow me to digress for a second… I worked as team leader in a technical call centre, one of my ways to break up time at the screen would be a wander to the vending machine for a fix of smarties… and so a tub of lids started filling up.. until I realised I had every letter except “u”!!!!

Try as hard as we could (team included) no “u” was available, so I emailed Smarties and asked if it existed.. after replying yes, they then offered me the lid as a valued customer!

I wrote back with my address and got a fantasticly well written note which I kept as I was so impressed, my faovurite sentence being along the lines of:

“We find children of all ages like to collect the lids…”
(their use of bold not mine 🙂 )

So now I am sad… for smartie lids are no more. I must complete my set, with these limited edition lids before its too late!!! Any donations greatly accepted.

gold / pink / green / blue / red to go…

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