a BIG weekend ahead…

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for lots of reasons, this weekend is going to be big…

first up, the birthday bash of justice @ Slinky tonight… 163 groovers on my VIP list… for a room that holds 50… 😀

then saturday, my cousins are down so we’ll all go for a BBQ on the beach (the weather WILL hold!)

Sunday is my annual family picnic… be good to see loads of relatives I’ve not seen for months.

Sunday night I’m going for tea in Dorchester… meeting the girlfriends mum, for the first time, bit scary!

Monday, its my birthday, I’ll be… go on guess? 29 🙁 seems far too near to 30 for my liking.

Also, this monday is D Day.

Decision Day, check the finances, check the income, work booked in and decide if I need to get a job. Dum dum duuuuuh

I also relaunch Polysonic on monday (+ a new Electro Disco mix for dload), to emphasise my design and music stuff… ready for the full launch of positive link on friday.

Antics n pics from the weekend, will, of course, be in the usual place. have a good one y’all!

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