Virus/Marketing or Spam??

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Watch out there is a “virus” going round on MSN… well, I’d call it a virus, in that it spreads itself without asking and causes a nuisance.

Allow me to explain.

I started getting messages like the below:

*** Do NOT copy n paste these into a browser!!!! ***

“lol, this is awsome…:
www. msgplus zone .com/ msnplus-patch.exe”

“Hej, did you download the new MSN yet? 😀 plus- patch.exe”

The friend in question had this from a mate, clicked it and then this s/ware installed itself and decided to spread the love onwards!

It was easy to remove, a re-install of messenger seems to of fixed the problem… so is this a virus??? Hmmmm

Annoying as hell, I know that much!

UPDATE: Its sneaked back in somewhere on my mates PC… doing more research, as soon as I get time. I now see this as a virus. Barstewards.

General Advice: As always I recomend AVG Free and adaware SE be installed on your system.

If you’ve got this on your machine: You’ll probably need Hijackthis to remove it.

Once you’ve run hijackthis and got a log, go to a spyware forum (like this one) and post your log… they’ll tell you what to do next. Or if you are VERY sure you know what you’re doing, google some of the resulting files to see what needs action.

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  1. EDIT by LUKE: The following information was submitted as a link in a comment, I’m not 100% sure of its authenticity (as the pages on this site are so basic) so I’ve removed the link and posted the info here (excluding a file it linked to)

    Alert Number: 20050808-1
    Alert Type: Virus Advisory

    The files known as “msnplus-patch.exe”, “”, and “msnplus-patch.scr” are all viruses. This advisory is being issued because this domain was compromised and the files were uploaded here. The files in question, when run, will propogate through the MSN Messenger Service. At this time, the full payload is unknown, but according to reports collected by Virus Research companies, it steals passwords and sends them back to the creator and propogates itself through the MSN Messenger Service even further.

    McAfee has an updated virus patch (link removed by Luke – visit

    Original Comment:


    Please visit if you got this virus, we have added removal information to our site.

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