twists n turns…

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weird how life is always wandering around the place!

I for one am of the opinion, change happens… good, bad, ugly… accept it and move on.

Spoke to an old friend yesterday who doesn’t see life that way.

She’s always convinced that everything bad happens and its either not her fault or there is nothing she can do about it. She went on to say how I was so lucky that I knew what I wanted to do and seemed able to make it happen.

Fundamentally we’re not that different (apart from the gender thing!)… similar age, background, education….

I’ve not written much the 2nd half of this week, been busy doing studio stuff… 2 projects on the go: the RnB thing and a remix.

Now I could see this as:

“more production that won’t go anywhere, so why bother, I mean getting a record out is never going to happen…”


“I’ve not had anything out yet properly, been close, just need to keep trying and improving every time… one day I’ll make my millions!”

which one is “lucky”? 😉

When speaking to a client last week, there was a point where they said that they couldn’t get motivated to do things… yes, we all struggle with that sometimes, but the trick is just to keep doing it, the motivation will build.

Think about a time when you’ve been at work or something, nothing much happening then BANG a phone call or some event and suddenly you’re having a good day!

Change can happen in an instant.

My friends, you can do anything you want to… make your own luck.

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