Emergency Morning Protocol

Posted by on July 22, 2005 in general thoughts | 0 comments

In case of feeling groggy, ropey or otherwise slow in the morning I have a procedure:

Stage 1) Cup of tea, some breakfast and a glass of water to wash down appropriate drugs (paracetamol today)

if that fails I go to…

Stage 2) Quick trip to the shop next door for air and a redbull.

when that fails, or if it’s worse than that progress to…

Stage 3) A large bottle of lucozade, plus any other drugs I can find that seem to fit the bill! (decongestants, throat things…)

When that fails to get me going, I know I need to rest/recuperate.

Fortunately today only requires stage 2… good thing really, I’m on target with my redevelopment of positive link and the installation of a blog for content managment.


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