“Luke Dubyah” in retirement?

Posted by on July 14, 2005 in general thoughts | 6 comments

Yes, Kinda.

I’ve been making some tough decisions recently and I think its time to announce (and where better than here?) that I’ve decided my direction.

I’ve been faced with a choice:

1) Push the DJing, keep working silly hours without any free weekends, in a shrinking bitchy industry.
2) Get a 9-5 job for a year or so to build up some money.
3) Gamble my savings on setting up my business empire.

Well, I think you can guess which one I’m going for!

So, if someone asks me what I do from now on, I “run a small web portal offering Life Coaching products and services”.

Music is now officially my hobby again.

I’ll always love music and where I’ve gone wrong in the past is to do either one or the other, after a while I miss music so much I lose interest in whatever else I’m doing or in contrast I get sucked into working 4 nights a week (spending days on crap like chasing unpaid invoices) and not enjoying my gigs or chasing my dreams.

No more. It’s all about balance.

Music production and my radio show will still play a part in my life. Promoting events, managing other DJ’s and chasing clubs around will not, its just something I don’t want to do anymore. (If someone books me for a gig, I’ll still do it as long as its a turn up ‘n’ play deal)

Anyway, I’ll soon be re-launching my coaching website to include a Blog type content section with tips on all aspects of life.. confidence, motivation, decisions, planning… you get the idea! (plus with less feedback) This site will become more personal with pictures and random thoughts, linking only from here to there and not in return.

So there, I’ve let you all in on part of my master plan… a mwah ha ha haaaa!

Wow, that was like a public service announcment!


  1. Good on ya Luke, loads of luck with it (not that you’ll need it!)

  2. Quite understandable really mate. ‘keeping the faith’ in bournemouth seems a harder thing to do nowadays with mainly corporates running most places!! But as i and i suspect several other djs know too that it can become very depressive at times.

    Good on you for making such a tough choice as its something some (including myself) haven’t done as we think things will improve sometime.

    Heres to the big send off friday, and hey more room for the rest of us now 😉

  3. You’ll always do well Mr Williams. LUCK ( only joking ) hard work and intellect is on your side!

  4. Good luck mate all the way from sunny Australia where it has actually been raining for weeks until a couple of days ago.
    Hi to everyone else as well.

  5. Hey Luke! You’ve got to go with you heart, 🙂 you’ve just done that, good on ya!! 🙂

  6. Yup, I can understand all that – I’ve gone through it all myself and it is weird going from the heights of around 2000 with such a huge and buzzing scene to the point when you have to withdraw it.

    All I can say is go for it, and I TOTALLY recommend the book “Who moved my cheese” to anyone in this situation.

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