Challenge & Momentum

Posted by on July 7, 2005 in general thoughts | 0 comments

Sometimes, I’m such a spooner.

It’s taken me about 8 days to get any kind of momentum together to get going on stuff, I’ve been forcing myself to get up earlier and exercise (long cycle mon, weights tues, rest wed, jog this morning!), trying hard to eat well… plan, split my time between things I have to do and exciting things.. been hard on myself, wondering why I couldn’t get going… and you know what finally got me going?

Producing an RnB record! (well, its challenge that drives me)

Yes, ladies and gents… I was asked to produce an RnB single! I don’t like RnB or cheese… see to make it today, it needs an edge, something a bit different.

In some peoples books, I’ve sold out (Hi Chris.. hahaha, i know you were joking really!) but I see it as a challenge, plus I’ll level with you, she is an amazing singer who is very fit and I honestly believe if I can make this work (a non-RnB, RnB single), we are talking some well deserved cash at last from all my studio endeavours… oh the irony if my first big break was from a genre I don’t like!

I’ve reminded myself that life is much better when you see hurdles as a stepping stone to the next goal, sometimes they just take a run up to get over.

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