Holiday thoughts pt1

Posted by on June 28, 2005 in general thoughts | 1 comment

I’m back, and this time its personal! – Well, not really but I am back from spain.

Holidays are fantastic, I had an amazing time with an awesome group of people. Photos have been added to the gallery, in sections under “spain05”.

Muchos Gracias Domino. I am in your debt sir.

Thought #1

Fascinating how holidays are such a microcosm of real life in how people behave.

Allow me to explain, like life in general on holiday everyone has slightly different ideas of what they want, some assert those needs, others are happy to go with the flow… I think one of the reasons some people fall out on holiday is the magnification of peoples attributes when forced into a small group.

And as with real life (whatever that is) when different values, ideas or desires occur, you either reach an adult compromise or split and do your own thing… of course there is a 3rd sulking and fighting method but this didn’t happen with us.

I often hear of people describing holidays with partners as “make or break” – surely this re-inforces my idea that its a magnified microcosm type thing?

Anyways, expect a lot more this week… I’ve had a week of doing very little and my brain is only just starting to warm up!

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  1. de nada tio, gracias por venir, me lo he disfrutado mucho!

    lovin’ the pics in the gallery – great memories fella…

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