Hot or Not?

Posted by on June 15, 2005 in general thoughts | 12 comments

I’ve not been feeling great this week, run down and full of cold, sore throat… bleurgh.

I was talking on MSN to a mate earlier who said I should just go and rate some random people on to cheer me up

For those of you not familiar with this long running website, its goes like this…

  1. you put your pic online
  2. Anyone who visits the site gets a random picture (based on preferences you choose – men/women&age group)
  3. They can then vote that person from 1 (NOT) to 10 (HOT)
  4. once they vote, they get to see the persons average score so far and another random picture is shown

It’s quite brutal and shallow, I know… but jeeebus, I laughed hard at some of them..

Here are my tips for getting a good score on hot or not: (don’t judge me!)

  • Not looking at camera = -1 pt
  • Studio shot you score a 1.. if you needed a studio makeover you get an instant NOT from me!
  • Nose Pierced = -2pt… pet dislike, never worked out why
  • Scary hair you score a 3 – choose a picture from a good hair day!
  • Bad attempt at porn/model type pose = 1 point, you just look silly love
  • Showing a bit of flesh = +1pt for bravery… but be warned…
  • Showing too much flesh = obviously a hussy, -2pts
  • Having WAY too much flesh = score a 4, couple for bravery but.. ew, no
  • Having WAY too much flesh AND showing it = 1 no no no NO!

Hmmm, I’ve noticed I’m not scoring many people over a 5… maybe I’m not a nice person… nah, I’ll put it down to illness induced negativity!

EDIT: I?ve taken the Hot or Not pic off this site now, if you really still want to see it click here


  1. I think you should put your pic up and post the link here! 😀

  2. I know! I’ve heard about this website. Why would you want to subject yourself to such abuse. If someone put my picture on there I’d cry if I got a nasty comment. Very degrading! ( But why so interesting?)

  3. haha, I should of seen that one coming! Well, if the majority says so, I’ll do it for a laugh! 1-1 so far…

  4. Do it… but we choose the pic

  5. Added a HotorNot gallery, choose a pic from 1 to 5 or email me one you’d prefer!

  6. I vote pic2 – pointy dancin!

  7. def the pointy pic fella

    have you seen the pic sarah took of you and me – one for the wedding album…!!

  8. I think all those pictures are far too good!!!

    If it has to be one of them then make it pointy dancing picture – where your left hand looks abnormally large – mind you that might make some girls mark you hot!!!!

  9. thats pretty unanimous, so it’s on. ut oh…
    (ps it takes a day for the photo to be ok’d)

  10. which of you bastards gave me a 3!!! hahaha “am I ming-ing?”!

  11. I just gave you some 1s and 2s don’t want your head getting too big do we a fa fa….

  12. 9.5 Average, that is way too high Lukey!

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