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Posted by on June 14, 2005 in general thoughts | 1 comment

On friday I took 2 canadian friends to a “Contemporary Stylish yet Traditional English Pub” (their words not mine) near Camden Lock… sure enough, all the olde English traditional pub meals were on the menu, like Gammon n eggs… Bangers n Mash…

Great, they want to do a “pub lunch” so in we trot… One of my friends wants a pint of beer, this is where it goes a bit wrong… of all the drinks available only 1 was English (unless you count Stronbow, which while English isn’t a pint of beer).

Makes me ponder what it means to be English, if a “C S y T E P” (see above) offers 1 bitter and 1 cider from this country.

Is it just me or do Wales, Scotland and Ireland have a much clearer sense of who they are?

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  1. Wales definately do, they sell Brains (Welsh bitter) everywhere here! And don’t get me started on the rugby…..

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